Posted on: November 10, 2009 7:47 am

Attendance for NCAAFB games

Largest Attendance for


College Football Games

  1. Ohio State – 95,722

  2. Alabama – 84,050

  3. NEBRASKA – 77,670

  4. Penn State – 76,500

    Wow, this is on a huskers website,

    - Four college teams averaged over 100,000 fans per home game last year. The top three were Big Ten Conference teams: Michigan (108,571), Penn State (108,254) and Ohio State (104,976).

    Tennessee (101,448) was fourth and Texas (98.046) was fifth. The other five top ten teams all came from the SEC. They were:

    • 6. Georgia-92,746
    • 7. LSU-92,383
    • 8. Alabama-92.138
    • 9. Florida-90.544
    • 10. Auburn-92.138

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    Best or not, atleast we go to our games

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Posted on: October 17, 2009 5:12 pm

OOC Strength of schedule

I am amazed at how much shit everyone talks on the OSU football program, when they know that they should be respecting a team as strong as they are.  Lets look at the top 5 teams right now, who has played a strong schedule?

OSUs "cupcake games" are Navy, New Mexico (which are horrible, but atleast FBS), toledo, and USC.

For Florida: FIU, troy and Charleston Southern... are you kidding?
Bama: VT, FIU, North Texas and Chattanooga - You must be kidding me - chattanooga what, community college.  Some #2 school.  I wonder if they will win those...
Texas: La-Monroe, UTEP, Wyoming, UCF... tough...
VT: Bama, Marshall, Nebraska and E. Carolina.  (They have some of my respect over the preceding top 3.
BSU: Thanks for playing, but thats just hilarious, The only good team on your schedule is Oregon.

I cant wait until they get rid of about 40 teams from the FBS, and make it more of a NFL style conference system.  This is stupid when schools play div 3 schools for the sake of "giving them a shot at the big stage."  REALLY Urban Meyer, you didnt like being on the "Big stage" when you got stomped by OSU in 2002 did you, this being why you decided to go to Utah, and do well, and then take it further to Florida.

Point is, there is a strong need to remove these crappy conferences, and when they win their conference title, they can play in the big leagues playoff.  Enough times their, the conferences will vote to invite them in and remove a weak team.  Easy as that.
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Posted on: October 4, 2009 7:13 pm

AP POLL should be called BS poll

Okay, I know we all agree on this, but really, this is just ridiculous.  I mean, i guess if number 18 forces the number 4 team to fight for their dominance, arent they more deserving of moving up than down?  I mean, lets just put it this way:  LSU almost lost that game last night, and if it wasnt for GA playing VERY conservative at the end, they would have lost, but yet, because they won, LSU stays number 4... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Who are these tards who vote for the AP poll?  I know herbstreit didnt mess that up because he went to tOSU, but thats beside the point.  Not everyone deserves an education comparable to what he received.  Anyways, i just think its a load of crap.  I believe, based on ability to live up to hype and consistency of ability, the top 10 are as follows:

1.  Florida
2.  AL
3.  Texas
4.  USC
5.  Oregon
6.  Ohio State
7.  VT
8.  LSU
9.  Miami (FL)
10.  Cincinnati
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Posted on: October 2, 2009 5:29 pm

BCS Conferences

Ok, now I know we all speculate what it would be like if there were a playoff system implemented in NCAAFB, but no one ever seems to offer a plan.  Well here is my plan - devised by none other than myself.  I have done away with Sun Belt, C-USA, MAC, and WAC.  Lets be honest, those teams do not belong with the big dogs being USC, FLA, TX, OK, OSU and so on...

Midwestern Conference(name pending):

Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Kansas, Baylor, Nebraska, Kansas State, Texas A&M, TCU, Iowa, LSU, Minnesota

North East Conference(name pending):

Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Louisville, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Purdue, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland

South East Conference(name pending):

Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Miami(FL), North Carolina, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, South Florida

Pacific West(name pending):

USC, UCLA, Cal, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Washington State, Stanford, Boise State, Hawaii, Utah, BYU, UNLV, Fresno State.

With this layout, you are looking at a conference divided playoff bracket similar to the NCAABB with a few cinderellas from the lower division.  This year, your playoffs would look similar to this, with a few variances:



SEC - UF, AL, VT, Miami(FL)


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Posted on: September 19, 2009 12:55 pm

New era of buckeye football

Ok, now I know that I will catch some heat from a lot of the OSU faithful, but there is a need for a new style of football.  We can't keep looking back at the past, of losing some big games, because the truth is, while we were doing that, we supplied the NFL with last years super bowl MVP.  Granted we are not where we once were, we can get back to that level, but its going to take some adjustments.  This is not a Big 10/Pac-10 NCAA FBS anymore.  The power running and power defense are no longer superior.  The speed of the SEC and Big 12 have shown that they have taken control of the NCAA FBS with their hurry up no huddle offenses.  It has become about speed, because lets face it, what good is a lot of power if you dont have the speed to catch the player and deliver the power.  I know we create extremely high caliber NFL players, but that doesnt really help us.  We need NC's, not 1st round picks, those will happen.  I am impressed with what I have been watching so far this season.  Next year will be a very strong year for us.  Go BUCKS!
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